6 Incredible Ways to Make Your Sterling Silver jewelry Shine

We all have pieces of silver jewelry, and even we are most commonly used for everyday wear. When it comes to the care of silver jewelry, most of the people ignore it, and it starts getting faded or even old. To maintain the perfect look of your jewelry, you just need to take care of it. Professionals of wholesale silver gemstone jewelry

basically use chemicals to clean the silver gemstone jewelry, but the best part is you can clean your silver jewelry with some general methods. After lots of research and experiments, we are here with the 6 incredible methods to clean silver jewelry at home. 

Method #1

Baking soda

The surprising use of baking soda and aluminum foil Don’t be so much surprised, only boil water and mix baking soda and boiled water in a bowl, along with the aluminum foil with the piece of jewelry wait for 1-3 minutes then remove it. Dry with the cotton cloth. Tarnish is removed with the chemical reaction caused by this process. Results are amazing, you can see how dark-color jewelry changed to shinny one 

Method #2

Lemon and salt

Great combo of lemon and salt – Just squeeze the lemon and add 3 tablespoons of salt in the bowl. Then add boiled water along with your tarnished piece of jewelry. Wait for 5 minutes then rub it with a clean cotton cloth. You need to use a white silver cloth to rub off the tarnish. 

Method #3


Now brush your jewelry with toothpaste. Just take a little amount of toothpaste on a bowl and take a clean dish wash sponge or rub onto the piece of jewelry. After rinsing it in the boiled water, clean with the cotton cloth. Now results are good but avoid using a toothbrush otherwise you may scratch the intricate spaces of your jewelry. 

Method #4


A sip to mouth and a sip to your jewelry. Well here comes Coca-Cola, pour some amount according to your jewelry into a bowl and then for 10 minutes soak your jewelry into it. Remove it and rub it with the clean cotton cloth. Results are amazing but it needs time to show up, Repeat the process for some days. 

Method #5


Well, your jewelry does not get addicted to the beer All you have to do is to pour some amount of beer into a bowl and for 5 to 10 minutes soak your jewelry into it. Then remove or rub it with a clean cloth. And results are amazing; you can see the difference after this silver cleaning method. 

Method #6


Now you don’t have to go here and there, because your kitchen has a solution. All you need to do is to take some amount of vinegar in a bowl, then dip the cloth in it, and rub the jewelry with a clean cloth. 

Results come with these methods are very much effective, you can see a difference after rubbing the silver piece with the cloth. These all are DIY methods that can be used in the home and you can use them regularly. It also depends upon the quality of sliver that you are wearing, and the sterling silver manufacturers USA. 

A Complete Guide for Buying Rings Based on Your Personality

Confused about choosing the perfect ring for your perfect partner? The rings come in a plethora of designs and styles depending upon the use and personality types and traits of the person. However, finding the most appropriate engagement ring is a dilemma of the highest order. One can look to wholesale sterling silver rings for choosing the rings. While purchasing the ring there are lots of the factors that come into play and among those their personality plays an important and crucial role. The ring is not just a metal ring instead it’s the epitome of the love that you express yourself to your beloved ones. The traits of the person can vary from the witty ones to the super athlete ones. And the rings come according to those traits, Wholesale Indian silver rings offer Nearly every style of rings one can imagine and they don’t stop here if you want customization for yourself then this option is available too. And at the same time, that ocean of options can be overwhelming too.

How do you start choosing a ring that aptly suits you? The budget, personality, and personality traits are the factors to look after. The future depends upon the auspicious occasion for what you want to purchase the ring. Because of this vast ocean of option, available one should very conscious while choosing the ring.

There are various types of traits and those are being mentioned below.

1. The helpless romantic ones.

There are some women live who believe in fairy tales love stories. So, fill their fantasy with the delicacy of the elegancy of the diamonds. The solitaire diamonds rings capture the emotion of the lover in its deepest sense.

2. The fashionista

Those who are following the fad they will like to update their closet with the trending market styles and she would like to decorate herself with the latest designs. To make the noise emerald shaped diamond would be the biggest trendsetter. The square cut with the rounded corners at its periphery makes it stands out at any finger and it offers an alluring design that is perfect enough for the fashionista to show off.

3. The divas

The divas are most sensitive and skeptical so it’s better to grant what they wish for. They know what they want and they are not shy to hide. These divas have their definition of perfection and they are very hard to please.

4. The athlete

The women who sweat in the field would live to shine at the party. A marquise-cut ring can be the perfect option for the athletes. They like very simple and most elegant designs.

5. The tomboys

These are the most favorite type of women in the Playlist of someone’s fantasy. They are every self-independent and they would like to pretend too much.

6. The social Butterflies.

These are the most tempting and verbose too so women who always like to sparks among the dark.

5 Best Ways to Take Care of Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Pure silver is so soft, and in the sterling silver, 92.5% silver is mixed and other alloys like zinc, copper, etc. Silver patina looks green, sometimes yellow or black and coats over the Nobel metals, because of its alloy reaction with the sulfur, oxygen, and moisture in the air.

What makes silver tarnish different from the Rust?

Due to rush, the inner surface of the Metal gets damaged, while in tarnish the upper layer of the metal gets oxidizes to protect the bottom layers from tarnishing.

Here given are the 5 Ways to Clean Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry

1. With Lemon and Olive Oil

Both products are ideal for shining and cleaning. Over the silver gemstone jewelry, lemon and olive oil give magic.

It takes at least 10 minutes to clean the wholesale silver gemstone jewelry. Half cup of olive oil, a microfiber cloth, lemon juice (1 tablespoon), to continue the whole process, you need to mix both oils in equal proportion. Then rinse the jewelry in this mixture using the microfiber. Then take warm water to wash off the jewelry.

2. Baking Soda and Water

You need to first check if your jewelry has some reaction with the baking soda. If the sterling silver shows sparkling then it shows its reaction with the baking soda. The whole process takes 5 minutes to clean the silver gemstone jewelry. All you need to for the process is; Water, one tablespoon baking soda, soft cloth to wipe off the jewelry then mix up the baking soda and water. Apply this paste over the jewelry and rub it softly with the soft cloth. After this wash the whole piece of jewelry with warm water.

3. Use Opposite Tarnish Reaction

To restore the glow of silver gemstone jewelry is to smartly use the reverse tarnish reaction. This gives the jewelry a new and clear glowing look. The whole process is of 15 minutes. All you need to gather is boiling water in a bowl, Aluminum foil, salt, baking soda. Now to create the tarnish reaction, take the pan which is wrapped in aluminum foil. Place the gemstone jewelry on the aluminum foil. Through the aluminum, foil pours the boiling water into the pan. Slowly add baking soda along with the salt to the gemstone jewelry. Stir the whole mixture for some time, and wash off after the 10 minutes. You will get the new shining gemstone jewelry in your hands.

4. Use White Vinegar

Using the white vinegar for starling jewelry is an amazing and incredible way, eve it enhances the lifetime of jewelry. This is because by replacing the harsh chemicals for cleaning you are using vinegar. The required time for cleaning is quite long, its 4 hours. All you need to do is to take; baking soda 1, -2 tablespoon, with a half cup of white vinegar, and a soft cloth. Mix the vinegar and baking soda and stir the whole solution. You need to soak the sterling silver gemstone in it at least for 4 hours. After that dry it with the soft washcloth.

5. Use Alcohol to Cleanse Regularly

An easy and convenient method to clean the sterling jewelry which you can do daily. The total time it will take to clean the jewelry is 35 minutes. The material you need to gather is a bowl, Alcohol for rubbing and a soft cloth. For the further process, you need to pour the alcohol in the cup, and then soak the gemstone jewelry in this mixture at-least for 10minutes.

Apart from these DIY methods, you can also clean your jewelry from the professional’s hands of sterling silver manufacturers in the USA.

8 Amazing Ways to Clean & Care for Silver Gemstone Jewelry

All jewelry from a woman’s everyday jewelry to the pieces she only wears on special occasions could always use a nice good polish. There are various factors that contribute to the clogging of the setting of the jewelry and the gemstones such as lotions, makeup, soaps, and everyday dirt and dust. And you will notice that your jewelry needs attention just before a special function or a meeting. So, the good news is that you can easily clean your wholesale silver gemstone jewelry at home.

When you buy sterling silver jewelry from manufactures, you must remember that it will tarnish. This is a natural process that takes place when your jewelry comes in contact with moisture and oxygen. While platinum and pure gold jewelry are tarnish-resistant metals, sterling silver jewelry tends to tarnish easily. Here is how you can clean and care for your precious as well as sterling silver gemstone jewelry at home to keep them shining and dirt free-

  • Wear your sterling silver jewelry on a regular basis and don’t just let it sit in your drawer. This can help to slow down the process of tarnishing. And when you are not wearing it, make sure you store your sterling silver gemstone jewelry in anti-tarnish bags to keep them safe from tarnish.
  • Avoid storing your sterling silver jewelry in your bathroom, as humidity can speed up the process of tarnishing. In case, you live in a place where the humidity is high, you need to take extra care of your jewelry.

  • Avoid wearing your sterling silver jewelry when you are swimming. Chlorine and salt tend to tarnish any sterling silver jewelry.

  • Cleaning sterling silver gemstone jewelry can simply be done in some warm water mixed with a gentle detergent in order to get rid of any dirt. You can also use a soft brush to brush out the dirt.

  • Make sure you don’t clean pearls with soap, make-up, and perfume as these elements can easily discolor pearls and make them appear slightly yellow. Simply just wipe your precious pearl after each time you wear in order to clean them off any body oil, make-up, etc.

  • Make sure you remove all your sterling silver rings while washing your hands and applying hand cream, or doing household chores to keep them free of any grim.

  • Get your gemstone silver jewelry checked by a reputable jeweler to make sure it is in good shape and the stone isn’t loose.

  • Always remember that you must wear your jewelry last while getting ready and take it off first thing once you are home.

Here is a DIY Silver Cleaning Hacks for you-

Use dish soap- Mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water. Dip a piece of cloth in the solution and rub the tarnished silver to remove it. Rinse the jewelry with cold water and pat it dry.

10 Popular Types of Earrings You Must Know

Along with buying some of the best and stylish clothes, the other important thing that you should keep in mind are the accessories that you wear. The online platform gives you the liberty to go through the clothing range and jewelry that is available on the internet. You can explore the websites of different designers and buy the accessories that will help you to enhance your looks.

You can also look forward to buying wholesale silver gemstone jewelry various gemstones are recommended as per the personality of the different individuals. By doing some research on the online platform, you can easily find the gemstone that will suits you the best along with finding the design in the jewelry that you like.

You can also find some of the best sterling silver manufacturers in the USA that are listed on the internet. This will give you the freedom to go through the product range of different dealers and take the services from the one who is reliable and experienced in designing and manufacturing silver jewelry.

As compared to the past years, there are some of the best designs and styles that you can find in silver jewelry. The most common accessory that women love to wear is different kinds of earrings. There are many designs, sizes, and colors in which you can buy different kinds of earrings. The quality of the material is the most important thing to keep in mind.

Many options are there in earrings that you can buy.

  • Pearl Earrings: Pearl earrings are the best to wear as you can wear them for formal purposes, they are also easy to carry and they come with great elegance.

  • Gold earrings: Gold earrings not only look good but they also come with some great health benefits. It is also considered as a great symbol of power and wealth.

  • Diamond Earrings: People wear them only on special occasions. Diamonds are considered the best for women.

  • Stud Earrings: The popularity of stud earrings has increased among collegians as they look quirky on all kinds of outfits.

  • Drop Earrings: These earrings are generally available in small and big sizes. They are perfect for adding grace to your looks.

  • Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings can never go out from fashion as women can easily wear them with different dresses.

  • Dangle Earrings: They are also popular among young women and girls. They easily make you look perfect and beautiful.

  • Cluster Earrings: These earrings come with an enchanting composition. Various sizes, shapes, and styles are available in these earrings.

  • Threader Earrings: These earrings come with a thin chain and they look unique and interesting.

  • Cuff Earrings: These earrings look cool as they come with unique designing and styling.

Silver Jewelry Doctor is one of the known websites that provide several designs in silver jewelry. They have some of the expert professionals working with them that design all the jewelry pieces that they sell, go ahead and explore their product range.

7 things you should know about jewellery hallmarking.

We all love buying jewelry, but we all want it to be legitimate so that the amount whatever we have spent on it should not get dissipated. Scammers in the market can make the descent copy of the original and it becomes difficult for the layperson to identify what’s real and what’s not. Official hallmarking is the trusted way to guarantee that you are getting the correct purity of the precious metal in your jewelry collection. To keep yourself safe in terms of scam, here are a few techniques by which you can make yourself aware of the fraud:

  • Documentation: if you are buying something authentic, it should come up with the documentation, because real jewelers aren’t going to sell you something that doesn’t have the documentation. Similarly, any legitimate vendor will offer you the period to return the item as the policy.
  • Gold, silver and platinum, and most recently, palladium, must all be hallmarked. White and yellow golds must be further classified into 9K, 14K, 18K and 22K standards, and so on
  • Pricing: many people buy jewelry if they are getting a good offer in a specific shop, but in reality, the gold or any authentic jewelry holds really good value.
  • Check the information on hallmark: the easiest way to check the authenticity of the hallmark is to verify the information about the jewelry you are having with the information present on the internet. For example, the hallmark with number 925 means that there is 92.5% of pure metal.

    Gold hallmarks — 375, 500, 583, 585, 750, 916, 958, 999

    Silver hallmarks — 800, 830, 875, 925, 960, 999

    Platinum hallmarks — 850, 900, 950, 999

  • Silver and platinum look very similar so it’s very easy to replace the expensive metal with the cheap one. Silver itself will give away the black shade and flexibility. Another method to check the real silver is to rub it with chalk and if it started getting darken then you are dealing with the real silver.

  • Another method of testing the gold authenticity is through iodine that is salt if the stain left on the item it says you are dealing with the alloy. And also it gets darken after putting in vinegar, so it’s easy to check the authenticity by this method.

The pricing should be standard to know about the authenticity of any jewelry.

Wholesale sterling silver rings Are known for their rational work and always recommended to customers. However, if you want to buy jewelry in bulk, you can readily go for wholesale manufacturers for silver rings.

Hereby to conclude, this article reflects all the measures to be taken before the real piece of jewelry and this guideline will help you to protect yourself from any scam. You should be careful before buying any expensive things.