The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Ears have the most sensitive skin and usually, in many cases, those skin are allergic to many metals. Hence choosing an earing is tough and a big challenge for those who are hypo-sensitive to metals. The best metal to look for if one has delicate ear skin and sensitivity are titanium, pure gold, pure silver, surgical steel and stainless steel which is devoid of any copper and nickel.

Hypoallergenic jewelry or best earrings for sensitive ears is jewelry that is made of pure and precious metals such as platinum, fine and sterling silver, 18k gold, titanium and stainless steel in its pure form. The wide range of sterling silver jewelry manufacturers has, claim this metal with 92% pure silver and 8% gold, best for sensitive years.

Among all the metals, that suit best to sensitive years; Nickel is the cheapest and often causes a skin allergy called “nickel itch.” But on the other hand, gold, platinum, and silver are costly, but never cause any itchiness and rashes. All the sterling silver Indian jewelry wholesale traders claim that it is very sporadic to get a skin allergy from these noble metals. For an inexpensive, but good quality variety, one can look for titanium and plastic, which are also best for sensitive years and rare to get an allergic reaction.

If one gets itchy or sensitive areas around the piercings when one wear earrings one need to be cautious about the materials the earrings are made from. One may previously know one has sensitive skin, or this sensitivity may come as an ultimate surprise to the person. However, once you comprehend the allergic reaction, one can opt for earrings that don’t cause sensitivity made itching and puffiness. Over, the time period so far, silver has outstripped gold in relationship to hallmarked items, with the up-to-date figures displaying an increase in the number of silver articles analyzed. Of course, hallmarking figures only reveal what’s inflowing the market and the sterling silver Indian jewelry wholesale traders all over the World have shown tremendous progress and evolution in terms of production and design. Platinum metals are also improbable to cause any skin allergy, but these are typically more costly than gold ones. Titanium is another metal used for sensitive earrings. Hypoallergenic means the material used is less likely to create a sensitive reaction than one not considered hypoallergenic. However, there is no typical producer has to meet to use this label. So, do not undertake that a product tagged hypoallergenic is allergy-free. Moreover, look for specific metals such as 14k gold or surgical steel as these are less likely to have skin allergy materials in them. Sterling silver is an alloy contained at least 92.5% silver and some other metal like nickel or copper.

In a nutshell, sensitive ears are very common and one should be extra cautious in choosing the most appropriate earrings. The best is to make a choice between sterling silver, titanium gold, platinum, niobium, and nylon.

7 Ways to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

Picking the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life is a big and daunting decision and we are here to assist you with these 7 tips on how to pick the perfect wedding ring-

1. Set a Budget

It is believed that you must spend your two months’ salary on an engagement ring. However, most people don’t follow this. For you to be able to settle on a budget for an engagement ring, it is important that you consider your own finances first. Carefully think about how much you are willing to spend on a ring and don’t go overboard with that budget. Once you have set the budget which you are comfortable with, make sure you stick to it as this will determine what kind of ring you can afford making your search easier.

2. Start Your Search Well in Advance

Once you have done your research on the internet and have a basic idea of the ring you would like, it’s time for you to have some fun i.e. trying rings on! You will need time to browse, research prices and revisit rings which you loved. If you want to get a customized ring, then you will need at least 6 months.

3. Think About What your Partner Would Like

This is the trickiest part – figure out what kind of ring your partner would happily wear every day. So, take hints from their everyday style. If their style is more classic and they prefer high-end brands, then a traditional style from Tiffany is something she will instantly fall in love with. But if they are more fashionable and follow trends then you can look for a wholesale silver ring manufacturer to get your ring customized.

4. Know the Four Cs

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, it will be beneficial for you if you are familiar with the ‘four Cs’ i.e. cut, clarity, color, and carat which help determine the worth of the diamond.

  • Cut is how a diamond has been shaped to increase its brilliance.

  • Clarity refers to the imperfections any stone contains.

  • The color of a diamond is graded from D to Z i.e. from colorless to light yellow.

  • Carat simply refers to the weight of a stone. 

5. Shop around

Once you have shortlisted some styles it’s time to hit the shops! While the internet has made our lives so much easier today, it is worth browsing some jewelry boutiques to get a feel of the engagement ring. However, if you want to get a ring customized for your better half it is always better to seek a wholesale sterling silver ring manufacturer.

6. Consider the Maintenance

In order to keep a wedding ring squeaky clean and sparkling, you will have to do some maintenance.  You will need to wash and soak the ring in warm water, gently brush it with a toothbrush, rinse it and pat it dry. If this sounds like too much work to you or your partner, then you will want to get a fuss-free gold or platinum band. This only requires you to rub it with a soft, lint-free cloth and you are done!

7. Quality Check

Check for the quality of the ring by checking for the marks inside the band- one, the manufacturer’s trademark and second the quality mark.

Is Silver a Good Investment? Here is What You Need to Know.

Gold is always considered superior to silver by investors as it is known to offer stable returns. But take in a note, that silver is not less than gold and acquires most of its traits. Silver has some unique characteristics which keep it apart from gold and make it a good investment, it is an inflation safeguard, store of value and gives security against any kind of economic and financial crises in the market. Silver has been used to make coins throughout history.

So, one may ask is silver good to invest in? If you’re planning to invest in silver, then here are the things and tips you need to know:

  • Greater Industrial Use

Almost half of the silver produced underwent utilization in the industrial sector. While only 12% of the gold is used in industrial purpose. From solar panels to batteries to electronics, they have their parts performed in every modern equipment. Now as the solar industry is expanding, the demand for silver is rising. It is a safeguard metal which is used in hospitals as well.

  • Volatile

Silver is comparatively more volatile than gold. The prices of silver go up and down every day. It goes through a lot of fluctuations. So, if you’re planning to invest, don’t get afraid after big swings and prepare yourself for it. Also, silver has a small market while gold has a wider market base.

  • How to Value Silver?

Actually, you can’t value silver as it is not a legal tender. It’s humungous use in the industrial sector and as money makes it more difficult to describe.

  • Factors Affecting Silver Price

There are most importantly four basic factors that determine the price of the silver in the market. These are:

  1. Supply and demand

If the supply is more and demand is less in the market, then the price will be curbed. And if the supply reduces and demand increases then, the price will be high for silver. Sources of supply of silver are- recycling, base metal mine and mine production from the silver mines and the main origins of demand of silver are- jewelry such as wholesale sterling silver rings.

  1. Economy

Economies with energetic industries support the high price of silver while the weaker economies don’t.

  1. Sentiment

Prices of silver are also shaped by the opinions of the investors and consumers. If the stock market is growing, then investors will show less interest in silver and vice versa.

  1. Inflation

This is among the most important factors in determining the price of silver in the market. During inflation make good use of silver. Silver due to its volatile nature will perform better.

So, you can invest in silver bullions rather than gold. It will be a golden offer for you if you use the correct time with the correct strategy. Investment in silver is surely a good option and if you do not want to invest in silver through bullion, then you can opt for jewelry pieces such as Wholesale Indian silver rings, which will not only serve the ornamental purpose but investment purpose also.

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Ears Pierced.

It is probably the dream of every girl to get her ears pierced. Getting your ears pierced can be an emotional event involving your friends and family. It is very common in today’s date as every other girl is having multiple piercings. It adds glamour and new feature to your looks and it’s one of the unique ways to describe yourself and enhance your beauty. With the change in looks, it brings change for your body as well and needs utmost care and attention.

Here are the 5 things that you should know before getting your ears pierced:

  • Location: Make sure you know where you want to get pierced. There are various kinds of ear piercings such as conch piercing, industrial piercing, tragus piercing, snug piercing, helix piercing and many more. Before going to get pierced, make a firm decision about the location.

  • Go to a reputable piercing shop: It is really very important to get your ears pierced from a reputable piercing shop or otherwise you can go to the doctor as well. It is so because they have proper training and know how to deal with ear piercings. And improper piercing can lead to permanent scars. It can also lead to the formation of a cyst. So it would be better to get a trained piercer and avoid getting into medical complications.

  • Gun or Needle: During piercing it becomes a dilemma whether to go for needle or gun. Most of the other piercings, except earlobe piercing, is done with the help of a needle. A needle is of single-use while a gun is reusable. The major problem with the gun is it is not properly sterilized which can cause several diseases.

  • Choose the right kind of jewelry: If you’re on your way to search for the perfect earrings for your newly pierced ears, then you should always give a green signal to hypoallergenic jewelry. Hypoallergenic earrings do not contain traces of nickel ( most of the people are allergic to nickel). You can go for wholesale silver earrings, gold earrings or wholesale Indian silver earrings. It is better to get these earrings from a renowned silver earrings supplier.

  • Cleaning: Taking care of your piercing is of extreme importance. Always remember to clean your piercing three times a day using a solution recommended by your doctor or piercer. And also try to rotate the studs at least three times a day to ignore any kind of blockage.

Therefore, it is important to know these things before getting your ears pierced. Who wants pain and complications? No one right. So, simply follow these things to avoid getting into any kind of trouble.

Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Gemstone.

What do you mean by a gemstone? A gemstone is basically a precious stone which by feature is beautiful and is durable and difficult to find. They are made up of minerals and are mostly used in jewelry. They’re finely cut and polished. They’re also available in different colors, and they’re called colored gemstones. It is simply anything other than diamond. There are few colored diamonds, but they cannot be regarded as a colored gemstone just like all minerals are not ores.

There are certain things that you should have knowledge about before buying a gemstone. Here are some doubts which you should be clear about before buying a gemstone:

What is the main difference between diamond and gemstone?
A gemstone is cut and polished. And it is not necessary that a gemstone will be a part of jewelry. Diamond comes under the category of gemstone because the gemstone is crystal which has developed through the compound. Gemstone always remains in their natural state.

What is the difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones?
If we believe history then, diamonds, emerald, rubies, and sapphires are precious stones and semi-precious stones are everything other. This is so because in the past times higher the relative value more the precious stone. But today, this idea had less value. Because gemstone now comes in different qualities like and needs individual assembly of its quality.

Sterling silver manufacturers use both precious and semi-precious gemstones to manufacture wholesale silver gemstone jewelry in a variety of shapes and designs.

What is Carat?
Carat is denoted by ‘Ct’. But always remember it is not ‘karat’. Karat is for gold and carat is for gemstones. It is the measurement for gemstones and is equal to one-fifth of a gram.

Difference between shopping for colored gemstone jewelry and diamond jewelry.
You need to go for fine jewelry, doesn’t matter if it’s a diamond or gemstone. Diamonds and gemstones are based upon 4 Cs- color, clarity, cut and carat. Both share a quality grading system as well. But diamond grading is less complicated than colored gemstones grading.

What is the best way to buy colored gemstones?
First, you need to get detailed information about the gemstone that you want and after that, you should go and consult a well-known gemmologist and should clear all of your doubts and should get all the necessary information about the gemstone. And most importantly go for the gemstone that gives comfort to your taste and your budget as well.

Always clear your doubts before getting a gemstone because it is precious and costly and so that you don’t have to regret your decision later. If you are looking to buy wholesale silver gemstone jewelry, then you must get in touch with any of the reputed sterling silver manufacturers.

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Gemstone Jewelry That Matches Your Personality

The gemstone was used centuries back and is still being by millions of people as they are aware of the benefits that it can provide. The wholesale silver gemstone jewelry provides a platform for people who are willing to own one or more and if you are one of them then it is high time to get one. It makes you stand out from the crowd in a various manner as its design catches the attention of the crowd and there are significances attached to it. It is affordable to own one which is a great deal as it shapes the personality of an individual without burning holes in the pocket and sterling silver manufacturers are making every effort to provide their clients the best service available. Under is the ultimate guide for choosing gemstone jewelry that matches your personality:

  1. Diamond.

A diamond is one of the most popular gemstones which you can find on this planet Earth. It is used as a style statement by the general crowd and there are many benefits such as it attracts abundance, wealth and success in the future. When a person gets one then he/she has the tendency to own more which is the case with millions of people, the owners are increasing day-by-day and nothing can stop them from purchasing.

  1. Amethyst.

It is an influential gemstone which brings wisdom, clarity, and calmness in an individual, you can get the same experience but the belief is the key. The value of life increases as it brings insights, makes you understand the value of life and purpose of your existence which takes place because of intuition. You need to make rational efforts to get things done or feel the activity, it has a tremendous source of energy to make you feel the same.

  1. Blue Topaz.

It is an unusual gemstone for the general crowd as few people have acknowledged its value and the goodness that can be brought in our broken lives. The level of sadness in the current world is extreme and the majority of the public is experiencing a crisis in lots of ways. Blue Topaz brings positivity and encouragement, you can experience and feel the same, don’t miss the opportunity to experience joy in your life.

In the end, there are gemstones that might match your personality but you need to start from somewhere and this is a great platform, to begin with.