7 Tips for Buying Wholesale Sterling Silver jewelry

7 Tips for Buying Wholesale Sterling Silver jewellery

Sterling silver jewelry is an ideal option for everyday use but there are a few things that you must follow when you purchase wholesale jewelry in sterling silver. First of all, you can begin your search online as this is the best way to find the best deals from the wholesalers who are available online. There are a lot of wholesale dealers who focus exclusively on sterling silver jewelry.

Purchasing wholesale jewelry is a great idea as you can save huge sums of money especially if you are purchasing sterling silver jewelry. When you purchase it from a wholesaler, you will literally be paying half the cost when compared to what you would have paid if you had to purchase from a retailer. Here are some tips for buying wholesale silver jewelry.

Legitimate Products 

Making sure that the supplier is legitimate is important however, you must always check if the products are legitimate as well. Jewelry is expensive and buying fake would be a waste of a lot of money. While every company will claim to be selling the authentic products, still it is important for you to learn about the composition of the product. 

Determining Quality

Sterling silver should be stamped with .925 or 925, meaning its 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery. Anything with less silver content than that may not keep its original color. If no stamp is visible, be sure you trust the jeweler from whom you are buying; otherwise, look elsewhere. Before buying silver, you should take some time to see the imperfections. Check the strength of clasps and earring posts. Make sure chain link bracelets and necklaces have no kinks and will not kink easily.

Refund and Return Policy

Get the details about the product, as well as the merchant’s refund and return policies, before you buy.

Read all the provided information

Online companies offer a wide selection of Wholesale sterling silver jewelry and make it easy to search for what you want. Get the details about the item. There should be a detailed description with measurements of the item and details about the metal composition. Look for an address or a phone number to get in touch if you have a question or need help. It is important to do thorough research and buy from a reputable company


Although the price of sterling silver is quite cheap and affordable as compared to other precious metals. But you should know your budget based on how often you will use the jewelry or is it to gift someone.

Shop your Fashion

Sterling jewelry can be found in just about any size, style, and budget. These create silver jewelry an ideal selection for self-expression and experimentation. Wholesale silver rings or Wholesale silver bracelets portray your hobbies, beliefs, interests, or jobs. 

Look For Quality 

Quality is essential in any business you wish to venture. Before you start considering other aspects, ensuring that you are getting a quality product brings the confidence required for the business. The Sterling Silver Jewellery that is original must contain a quality mark. This indicates that you are getting pure silver jewelry under law. The mark is approved by the governing body to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Dos and Don’ts with Silver jewelry

Dos and Don’ts with Silver jewelry

Do’s and Don’ts with Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry, especially rings, can be quite attractive. They can actually add a great deal to a new outfit or dress attire. However, there are some do’s and don’ts with silver jewelry when choosing to wear.


  • Clean it frequently


Often, the main cause of dullness of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry gemstone accessories is the dust and quartz that leeches onto it from the air around. To avoid it, clean the jewelry every day after your wear.


  • Store them Properly


Do store your silver in a cool, dry place. Use a jewellery storage bag or a separate compartment in your jewelry box to avoid any contact with other jewellery as it can scratch the surface of the silver. If you will be storing your silver jewelry for the long term, use a sealable plastic zip-lock type bag or another air-tight container. Keeping air away from your silver jewelry will slow the tarnishing process.


  • Do use a silver polishing cloth.


If at all possible, you should get a special cloth to polish your jewelry. When polishing your silver, we recommend using a silver polishing cloth. These can be purchased at your local jeweler or online.


  • Don’t use strong chemicals

Strong chemicals and abrasives can damage the silver and cause scratches, tarnishing, and grime. Cleaning products with strong chemicals such as bleach can damage and discolor silver jewelry.


  • Do research your cleaning products. 


Denatured alcohol can give them an extra sparkle but it is far too harsh for emeralds, opals, or pearls. Lemon juice can also be too abrasive for stones that are porous. And if anyone tells you to use toothpaste, don’t. It leaves tiny scratches on metal and, if it gets under the stones, it is notoriously hard to remove.

Tips to Prevent sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing

Everyone knows that sterling silver jewelry can tarnish over long periods and lose their shine and finish. Sterling silver manufacturers recommend proper storage techniques to prevent corrosion and tarnishing of their jewelry. These simple techniques will protect silver gemstone jewelry and keep them bright and shining.

Wholesale silver gemstone jewelry stores explain why silver jewelry lose their shine over time. Silver jewelry is made from almost elemental silver and also contains copper. This leaves it susceptible to atmospheric agents like oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen. The chemical reactions that happen create oxides, sulfides, and hydrides that deposit on the surface. These deposits give the tarnished texture and appearance to the jewelry. These reactions often occur in the presence of moisture or oxygen, so it is best to ensure the jewelry is clean and stored in an airtight box when not in use.

Here are a few ways to prevent silver jewelry tarnishing

Airtight containers

An airtight container cuts the supply of fresh oxygen. If there is no oxygen reaching the surface, the chemical reactions will not proceed. Zip-lock bags are another alternative to an airtight container as they also keep fresh air away. These containers and bags are made of plastic. Since plastic, or any other polymer, is an inert material that does not react with metals, it provides a protective layer that protects the silver jewelry from tarnishing. It is also good to store different jewelry in different bags, so the metals from different items do not come in contact.


Dropping a small piece of chalk will absorb moisture and other gases from the air inside the airtight container or bag. Then this moisture cannot cause tarnishing of the silver jewelry.

Anti-Tarnish Strips

These are special strips that absorb pollutants from the air that cause tarnishing. These strips can be put inside the container. There are also pieces of cloth that act as anti-tarnish cloth. These pieces of cloth are chemically treated with silver, and they absorb pollutants from the air that would have otherwise reacted with the silver of the jewelry.

Silica packets

Silica packets are found easily in shoe boxes or inside new water bottles. Silica is deliquescent, i.e., it absorbs moisture from the air. When the air becomes dry, corrosion cannot proceed. You can put silica packets inside storage containers for your silver jewelry instead of throwing them away.

General tips

  • Avoid storing silver jewelry in moist areas
  • Avoid direct sunlight or heat
  • Avoid contact of the jewelry with other metal items
  • Store them away from wooden items that are polished or otherwise treated

Essentials To Keep In Mind Before You Buy Sterling Silver Rings Online

Silver rings are a graceful and elegant piece of jewelry. This makes silver popular among women. In silver, sterling silver is the latest trend set by wholesale sterling silver rings. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper that contains 7.5% copper. This copper provides strength since silver in itself a soft metal. It also gives a characteristic shine to sterling silver that customers love.

If you are looking for wholesale Indian silver rings or a wholesale silver ring manufacturer, you should first know how to differentiate between genuine sterling silver and knock-offs. Designs are observed by everyone, but while focusing on the design, you should also check if the metal is really sterling silver. You can use these techniques to do that:

Check the price

Before you go buying sterling silver jewelry, you can check prices of genuine sterling silver jewelry online. This way, you can know the current market price. You can use this price as a benchmark for judging prices in the store. IF a piece of jewelry is being offered at heavy discounts, be extra vigilant of the material.


You should anyway not trust jewelry without the hallmark. Hallmarks are small but do not miss them. The hallmark on a sterling silver piece of jewelry has ‘925’ or ‘STERLING’ etched on them. If you can see it, you can rest assured that the material is genuine sterling silver.

Verify authenticity

There are physical tests to verify the genuineness of any material. For sterling silver, bring a magnet close to it. Real sterling silver does not attract the magnet. If the magnet is even slightly attracted, this means it has steel inside it. You should not trust such a wholesale silver ring manufacturer for any other piece of jewelry too. You can also use clean and white cloth and gently rub the jewelry. If the cloth gets dark stains, it is real sterling silver.

Seek experts

The best option to check the authenticity of a piece of jewelry is to bring along an expert with you who can quickly identify different pieces of material. That can be another trusted jeweler or a metallurgist. They can easily guide you without the knowledge of the jeweler. After all the money is yours. You have the right to take every precaution.

Make sure you do follow these tips while selecting your sterling silver rings online for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Sterling silver is an elegant and beautiful alternative to gold and costs less. There are also many varieties of sterling silver jewelry. Keep these tips handy, and you will easily find your favorite piece of jewelry.

Tips and tricks to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

It isn’t as attractive as anything else like sterling silver jewelry. Well known for its beauty, versatility, and brilliance, the sterling silver jewelry has managed to find a place in every woman’s jewelry box. However, many women still neglect these beautiful pieces of craft and do not want to take them out of their jewelry boxes due to the tarnishing of this material. When sulphur and oxygen come in close contact with silver, owing to a chemical reaction, the silver becomes discolored or dirty. So, taking good care of silver jewelry is a must if you are fond of them.

This article will guide you on the different tips and tricks that you can follow to keep your silver jewelry clean and shiny forever.

  • Preventive Care and Professional Care:
  1. The tarnish can be avoided if you have a habit of wearing the jewelry often. The skin’s oil cleans the silver and keeps it shiny.
  2. While doing household chores, it is always a good idea to remove the jewelry. Exposure to chemicals, chlorinated water causes corrosion and tarnish. Also, exposure to direct sunlight is harmful.
  3. It is crucial to store the silver jewelry in air-tight bags as exposure to air tarnishes this piece of jewelry. Many sterling silver manufacturers provide anti-tarnish storage bags.
  4. If you find that your sterling silver jewelry has been heavily tarnished, then it is recommended to opt for professional help.
  5. You may also try polishing your silver jewelry when the tarnish is not very severe.
  • Homemade Cleaner:

Alternatively, you may make a homemade silver cleaner to cleanse the silver jewelry. This can be made with the ingredients of your kitchen. Some of the economically and environmentally friendly homemade cleaners are as follows:

  1. Mix some ammonia-free dishwashing shop with some warm water to cleanse your jewelry. This is the first thing that you may try at home. If this does not work, then,
  2. At home, make a paste of baking soda and water and with the help of a clean cloth, apply a pea-sized amount to the silver. For delicate items, apply the paste using a toothbrush, so that the paste gets into the crevices and cracks. Once done, run it under running water and wipe it with a clean cloth.
  3. Mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with ½ cup lemon juice in a large bowl. Take a small clean cloth and dip it in the solution, wring it and polish the jewelry with it.
  4. Do you know that white vinegar is a perfect cleaning agent? Yes, you read it right! Take the silver jewelry, soak it in ½ cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda solution for at least more than two hours. Once it’s done, rinse and pat it dry.

Now that you know the tips and tricks to clean your sterling silver jewelry, so why worry and waste time? Buy that beautiful neckpiece at sterling silver Indian jewelry wholesale and continue to stand out in the crowd!

Difference Between Sterling Silver Jewellery and Pure Silver jewelry

wholesale silver gemstone jewelry

When you’re out in the market, and it’s the festive season, silver jewelry is something that attracts many young girls as a daily wear festive wear. When looking at the wholesale silver gemstone jewelry and wholesale Indian silver earrings, you, as an educated consumer, must realize the differences between sterling silver jewelry and pure silver jewelry. Some of these differences are listed below.

1) Percentage of Silver:

Pure silver, also called fine silver, is constituted of 99.9% silver (Ag). This level of purity in silver is never seen in jewelry because of its extreme softness, which makes it unsuitable for jewelry making or any other functional use. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is an alloy of silver, which has 92.5% pure silver, and the remaining 7.5% is made up of some other metal, usually copper, nickel or zinc, to retain the beauty of silver, while incorporating it with the hardness and malleability of the other metal. This makes sterling silver the purest form of silver available in the jewelry market.

2) Tarnishing and Corrosion Resistance:

Pure silver is one of the least reactive metals, according to the reactivity series. In fact, sterling silver is more prone to corrosion and tarnishing, as the copper, nickel, or zinc it contains might react with the compounds present in the air. Regardless, you must always take special care of all your silver jewelry and ensure that it has minimal exposure to the atmosphere.

3) Marking and Certification:

Pure silver or fine silver is usually marketed as 999, 99.9, or .999. This remains the same in different parts of the world. However, the standards for sterling silver vary across the world. In the US, it is marked at 925, .925, or 92.5. In Russia and Germany, however, silver that is less than 90% pure silver is still marked as sterling silver. This makes it essential to enquire about the actual silver content on the jewelry you wish to buy, and also pay attention to its stamp.

4) Testing the Purity of Silver:

Pure silver and sterling silver is non-magnetic, and so does not get attracted to magnets. However, if your silver jewelry gets attracted to magnets, then it is of a purity lower than 92.5%. You can also test the purity using an acid test. In case the color of the acid changes when you put a shaving of the silver jewelry into it, it means that the piece has a purity of less than 92.5%.

With these differences in mind, you now know the distinction between pure silver and sterling silver and can also make informed choices on what kind of silver is worth buying.